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Under a blackened moon, a child is born who is destined to be a monster. As he grows, Wendell yearns for love and freedom from the curse he was born with. That yearning turns to reality when a traveler enters his village; a young man named Jacques who, despite the warnings, stands by Wendell’s side through violence and heartbreak.


Genre: Supernatural Horror, YA, LGBTQA+, Fiction

Setting: Bavaria, Germany 1600s

Publisher: Indigo River Publishing

Publish date: 2022


Nicole's forthcoming debut novel, DEERSTALKER, is being published by Indigo River Publishing. Based in a historical setting with horror and supernatural elements, this novel explores cursed villages and what it means to be a monster. It features queer characters and relationships, religious warfare, and family ties.


Stay tuned for updates regarding the novel's release! Information will be provided on my blog as well as on Twitter.


Leave a review of DEERSTALKER online wherever it is available for purchase, on Goodreads, or by submitting a comment on the contact page. Reviews will be featured here.


Along with research, Nicole likes creating playlists and image boards for the mood, tone, and setting of each project. Below are the ones for DEERSTALKER. You can see even more references on Tumblr.

Warning: May contain spoilers.

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