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Hello, Moon

I love the moon and she loves me.

I stare at her as the waves crash upon the shore,

basking in her glow as she shines down upon me,

her cool touch the only one my body can handle,

her presence the only one I need to know I am home.

From “Love Poems to the Moon”

lf (1).jpg

Title: Hello, Moon

ISBN: 9781087877440

Release Date: 4/1/2022

Distributor: IngramSpark

Self-Published by Nicole M. Zaunbrecher


Hello, Moon is a poetry chapbook celebrating the moon and stars, featuring a previously published poem in addition to all new poetry. It is available in paperback and as an eBook through several book retailers.

Matthew F. Lafleur

"This book takes me back to my childhood, when I thought the moon followed me when I traveled at night. My youthful magical thinking is conjured and added to by a mature scientific wonder in this amazing and fun ode to the moon and space."

Virtual Release Party for Hello, Moon

Watch the live release party to celebrate the day Hello, Moon became available in stores! This event includes readings from the chapbook, Q&A, and discussing the inspiration for the poems.

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