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Debut Novel Forthcoming: DEERSTALKER

Great news: After querying literary agents and publishers, DEERSTALKER is finally being published!

I’m excited to announce that Indigo River Publishing has acquired publishing rights as of July 6th, which is a great early birthday present. We’re beginning the initial editing process now and have a current lead time of about 6 to 9 months. I’ll continue to post about updates to the publishing journey here and on my Twitter.

My website is currently being updated with a new style and pages, with one being dedicated to my debut novel where all updates will be stored as well. Once the book is published, I’ll add purchase links to that page and begin a book tour. I plan to do events such as book signings and panels, attend literary conferences and book conventions, and even pop culture conventions to promote my book, meet readers, and mingle with other authors.

This has been a dream since I was young; a dream I always hoped would come true and have tried so hard throughout the years to make happen. I am so grateful for this opportunity and can’t wait for more to come. I’m excited for the book world to see DEERSTALKER after so much love has been poured into this novel. I’m thankful for my best friend who initially gave me the idea, to various workshop groups who helped me revise the story and characters, and to my family who has always been supportive of this wacky adventure.

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