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Happy Mooniversary!

Updated: Mar 3

June 1st was the two-month anniversary of the release of my debut poetry chapbook, Hello, Moon! Since April 1st, I've had sales of the print and ebook versions from friends, family, coworkers, and strangers. I'm so happy that people are finding and enjoying this collection of moon- and space-themed poetry.

Sales Stats

So far, I've sold about 47 copies of the print version and 4 ebooks--a lot more than I expected! I am excited to see how many copies have been sold after 6 months and a year after being released.


Hello, Moon has already received wonderful reviews from kind readers:

This book takes me back to my childhood, when I thought the moon followed me when I traveled at night. My youthful magical thinking is conjured and added to by a mature scientific wonder in this amazing and fun ode to the moon and space. Matthew F, Lafleur
This is a wonderful book of poems. You can truly feel the Authors love for the moon in the words of her poems. I hope there are more books to come! Sandra Kirkenmeier

More reviews will be posted on the chapbook's page as I see them.

Coming Soon...

I've been designing bookmarks in Canva to go along with the chapbook and hope to bring them to signings or events; I may even sell them online if there is enough interest.

Let me know which one is your favorite or any other ideas you have for merch! I might also do shirts and mugs.

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