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Hello, Moon

In my previous post, I announced the self-publication of my debut poetry chapbook. Today, I’m happy to announce that it is available for preorder! Hello, Moon is set to release on April 1st (it’s not a joke!) and has been acquired by Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Book Depository, and a few international bookstores so far.

Screenshot of Hello, Moon on

Seeing a book with my name on it on the B&N website almost brought tears to my eyes, and I’m sure seeing it on bookshelves will make me cry in joy. This is my dream come true! I can’t wait until my novel is ready to join the world as well.

How to Find Hello, Moon

  1. Title: Hello, Moon

  2. ISBN: 9781087877440

  3. Release Date: 4/1/2022

  4. Distributor: IngramSpark

  5. Self-Published by Nicole M. Zaunbrecher

  6. Available at:

  7. Barnes & Noble

  8. Walmart

  9. Book Depository

This poetry chapbook is available in paperback and eBook format (NookBook at Barnes & Noble) at $5.99 and $0.99 respectively. I encourage readers to leave reviews and tell friends, family, as well as coworkers/book clubs/literary events about it! I plan to do a reading at local events and attending conferences, hopefully with more copies in tow. More details will be available on my website:

A View of the Paperpack

The paperback front cover, back cover, and inside

I chose matte for the cover material and love the feel of it, as well as how the cover turned out considering it was a cell phone photo of the crescent moon, which inspired the title. The inside is easy to read and the font goes well with the poetry. I picked a template that was minimal but still had some flair.

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