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Here there be dragons…

I’ve been working a lot on my play (which is yet to have a finalized name) due to assignments in class. As of now it is complete, although I plan on expanding it. I’m at a Writer’s Weekend with friends, who I will force ask to read for me in order to make revisions. After that, it will go before the class and further edits will be made. Then, on to Broadway!

At least I would hope. The writing process for this project has been stimulating yet difficult at times, because my mind is more attuned to novel writing. Plays are a whole separate beast, because I have to think of the setting in terms of stage designs, and scenes according to sets and time constraints, and what a live actor can (and cannot) do. Let me tell you, dragons are hard to write plays about. You either need a representation of the large creature, or have an actor suited up to be a humanoid drake. I’m mostly going with the latter. Overall, though, I’ve quite enjoyed this project and will probably do more plays in the future.

I’ve also been editing my Fan Fiction Manual for e-book format (at least, getting it updated and prepared to be formatted). I’ve learned a lot of things recently that had me adding information, because you can never know too much as a fan fiction writer. Maybe one day I’ll even do a manual for role-play writing.

However, this semester has been extremely busy for me and so my original works have taken a back-seat to homework and academia. Eventually I’ll have more free time to edit all of my completed works and prepare them for publication, as well as begin new works. Until then, I can only dream.

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