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Steps for Writing a Novel

I created an account with Hub Pages to write articles pertaining to writing tips. In a series of articles, I plan to detail the steps to take when it comes to writing a novel, from the beginning to the publishing stage (and beyond!). Check out the first article where I outline the basics at Hub Pages to see the kind of tips I give. The articles included in this series will be:

  1. Step 1: The Spark

  2. Step 2: Planning

  3. Included with planning are characters, setting, and plot, which will each get their own articles

  4. Step 3: Research

  5. Step 4: Write

  6. In between writing and editing is formatting, which will also receive its own article

  7. Step 5: Editing

  8. Step 6: Publishing

  9. Step 7: Marketing

All of this information is what I have learned through classes, interning with Get Book Savvy, and personal experience. I’ve shared some tips with friends, fellow authors, and readers alike; now I’m laying out the entire process for everyone else!

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