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Upcoming Poetry Chapbook!

I’m happy to announce that I’m in the process of self-publishing a poetry chapbook about my love for the moon, stars, and space! After being published in journals and anthologies, I have been wanting to publish my own collection. With an impulsive amount of motivation, I set everything up through Ingram Spark and am awaiting final approval after a visual inspection. I did all of the editing, formatting, and cover design for the book using Ingram’s book builder and suggested layouts. The featured image for this post is the image I used for the book cover, which I took myself on my phone!

Hello, Moon is set to be available for print (softcover) and eBook on April 1st. I gave myself a month of preparation to market online and through social media, and am looking into literary conferences and events to bring copies and discuss this new collection with readers. This chapbook features “Love Poems to the Moon,” which was initially published by Z Publishing House in an anthology called Florida’s Best Emerging Poets in 2018. You can learn more about that publication in my blog post about it.

I plan to release larger collections upon the success of this chapbook launch, in addition to publishing DEERSTALKER and other novels along the way. I am so excited to finally be on my publishing journey and can’t wait to share my work with family, friends, fellow authors, and readers across the world. Stay tuned on Twitter for more details about the book cover and where you can purchase it!

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