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Website Changes & Writing Updates

Dearest Readers,

First, some exciting news regarding Deerstalker: I sent out query letters to literary agents to begin the publishing process! After struggling with whether I wanted to split the story into two parts in one novel or in two separate novels to create a series, I decided it was time to stop beating around the bush and just get it published. I have worked on this novel on and off for several years, put it through numerous writing groups, and have edited it more times than I would like to admit. My family and friends have been begging me to quit procrastinating and get this story published already, and it is time I took their advice.

While we are going through a pandemic and I am currently in lockdown, I hope to receive news within the next month or so regarding the queries I sent out. I prefer going through a literary agent, but may also submit my manuscript to publishers who I feel fit the niche this novel falls in.

I have also made this site into purely a blog for my writing updates and publishing news and made a static website where readers and fellow authors can get to know me. In addition, I created a Twitter account solely for my writing to connect with fellow authors, readers, and publishers. These steps have helped me invigorate myself as an author and help to build my brand up as I await publishing news.

Here is a recent selfie of me so you remember what I look like (or see my face for the first time!)

One last update: I am finally, officially, for real this time, getting started on creating a small publishing press where I can publish other amazing writers from my local area. I’ll make a post with more details once we get off of our feet, so look forward to more news!

Thank you for reading, please continue to follow me on this journey!

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